Parlays-(18 ozs. and 36 ozs.)

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A center of soft chewy nougat, wrapped in caramel, pecans and milk or semisweet dark chocolate.

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Parlays review
Written by Kristin on Tue, Apr 23rd 2019 - 04:14pm

Parlay Perfection! I was going to limit myself to one a day. Let me admit now — NOT POSSIBLE. Schwartz Candies — Where mouth meets mmmm.

Written by Arthur Vanni on Mon, Mar 4th 2019 - 06:28pm

I bought the parlays for my wife who grew up loving parlays which her family would buy in Lofts Candy Store on Staten island NY. Lofts closed their door over 40 years ago she hasn't had them since. She was thrilled that I found them. She loved them! We will buy them again!

Written by Mae Saccamano on Tue, Feb 19th 2019 - 01:26pm

Mom loves them!! When we lived on LI we used to buy something similar at Lofts in Green Acres mall, she was ecstatic when she saw the box and they did not disappoint her.

Dark Chocolate Parlays
Written by Doreen Fagiano on Sat, Feb 16th 2019 - 05:33pm

These are the BEST parlays we've ever had. I moved from NY a few years ago and I'm very pleased that Schwartz Candies ships out- of-state so we can continue to eat the very best. And in case you worry about shipping chocolate, the candies were 100% fresh - as if I went to the store and bought them.

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