Shipping Service

All shipments are made with the United Parcel Service (UPS.)  UPS does not deliver to United States Post Office Boxes.  

Our Standard Shipping Service uses UPS Ground Service.  There is no Saturday or Sunday delivery using this service.  Saturday delivery is available for an extra charge when using the Overnight Service.

UPS Returns

Our response to packages returned to us by UPS will be evaluated on an individual basis in consultation with UPS and with the customer who sent the package.  We do not re-send candy that has been returned by UPS, because the condition of the candy can no longer be guaranteed.  If the package is returned due to an incorrect address or other error in information we were given by the customer or due to other circumstances beyond our control and the customer wishes to re-send the package, we will send fresh candy and the customer will be charged in full for the merchandise and the shipping.

Hot-Weather Shipping

Because chocolate is vulnerable to damage by heat, Schwartz Candies recommends that Standard (ground) Shipping be used only for shipments going to destinations where the high temperatures are below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Schwartz Candies reserves the right to delay shipment of any items that are likely to be damaged in transit. We will notify customers of any necessary or suggested delay.

When the temperatures are 70 degrees and above and the package will be in transit for two days or more by Standard (ground) Shipping, Schwartz Candies recommends the use of Overnight Shipping.

Time in Transit

Shipments sent by Standard (ground) Shipping are generally scheduled to be delivered within 2-6 business days of when you placed your order, depending on the destination of the package.  Occasionally those transit times are increased because of days when UPS does not move packages or when Schwartz Candies is closed.

Packages shipped by Expedited Service generally are delivered within 2-3 business days of when you placed your order.

Packages shipped by Overnight Service are generally delivered within 1-2 business days of when you placed your order.

All times in transit are subject to change after you place your order depending on a variety of weather conditions (heat, snowstorms) and whether we have an item in stock.  We will inform you if there will be a delay in shipment of your order.

Additional Charges

Schwartz Candies reserves the right to add an additional charge to shipments in oversized cartons or to shipments packed in multiple cartons. Schwartz Candies will notify the customer of changes to the shipping cost before adding the charge.


Free Shipping

A minimum of $75.00 is required to receive free shipping. Free shipping is not available for orders with volume discounts.  UPS Ground shipping is used for shipments that choose the Free Shipping option.

Free Standard (Ground) Shipping is available when you purchase 2 or more Gift Boxes going to one destination. The high temperatures in the New York Metropolitan area and at the destination must both be below 70 degrees Fahrenheit in order to receive Free Shipping.


Standard (Ground) Shipping Prices for Delivery Within the 48 contiguous States

Merchandise Total Shipping Rate
Less than $25.00 $14.99 per address
$25.00-$74.99 $8.99 per address
$75.00-124.99 $9.99 per address
$125.00-$199.99 $11.99 per address
Above $200.00 8% of Merchandise Total per address


Expedited Shipping Prices for Delivery Within the 48 Contiguous States

Shipping Type Shipping Rate
Expedited Shipping $25.99-39.99 per address

The price of Expedited Shipping depends on the destination and the merchandise total. Expedited shipping will be available generally to the States west of Indiana and south of Tennessee and South Carolina. It will be available only in portions of Georgia and Illinois. 

We do not offer Saturday or Sunday delivery with this service.


Overnight Shipping Prices for Delivery Within the 48 Contiguous States

Merchandise Total Shipping Rate
Up to $74.99 $21.99, $59.99 per address
$75.00-$124.99 $29.99, $59.99 per address
$125.00-$200.00 $39.99, $69.99 or $79.99 per address
above $200.00 $49.99, $89.99 or $99.99 per address
The price of Overnight Shipping varies depending on destination. Overnight orders placed before 12 p.m. Eastern Time on a given date will qualify for shipping on the day the order was placed if the item is in stock and if weather conditions permit. If a delay is necessary or suggested, Schwartz Candies will contact the customer. Orders placed after 12 p.m. Eastern Time will be considered to have been placed on the next business  day.  Schwartz Candies reserves the right to increase the Overnight Shipping prices for shipments in oversized cartons or shipments sent in multiple packages.


Shipping Prices to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada

The minimum merchandise total for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada is $25.00.

Location Standard Expedited Overnight
Alaska $50.00 $55.00 $80.00
Hawaii -- -- $85.00
Canada $45.00 - $55.00 -- --
Destinations considered "remote destinations" by UPS, will be charged an additional $45.00. Schwartz Candies will notify customers if the remote destination fee applies.