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Valentine's Day





The Marshmallow Heart
This traditional favorite is full of our "Out of This World Marshmallows." The heart comes with the Original Eight assorted flavors*, or all vanilla marshmallows, or all vanilla with a caramel bottom. They are dipped in semisweet dark chocolate only.

Marsh. Heart (Assorted) $69.50 Add to Cart
Marsh. Heart (Vanilla) $69.50 Add to Cart
Marsh. Heart (Vanilla with Caramel Bottom) $79.25 Add to Cart
The Assorted Miniatures Heart
Filled with caramels, almonds, apricots, creams, truffles, and more, the assorted miniatures heart is perfect for a chocolate lover with eclectic tastes. Comes in a mixture of milk and semisweet dark chocolate.

Miniatures Heart (Assorted) $67.50 Add to Cart
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